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What we are and what we do:

We provide actionable intelligence on child and youth issues plus opportunities to discuss and debate key issues through Forums, seminars and conferences. The London-based Youth Research Forum is a consortium of leading players in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the UK concerned about issues affecting youth. It was founded in response to a need recognized in the private and public sectors for relevant and up-to-date research and informed debate on key issues facing young people today.


Young people have moved to the centre of government policy-making. Government is increasingly seeking to intervene to modify youth behaviour but with varying degrees of success.

Why we are important?

Problems that have not been effectively addressed by successive governments (such as youth crime, antisocial behaviour, obesity, diabetes, alcohol and drug consumption) contribute on an ongoing basis to individual, family and social deprivation. It can take generations to resolve. The costs associated with getting policies wrong are usually formidable.

In health, education, leisure, criminal justice and citizenship, it is clear that the formative periods in young people’s lives fall before they enter the worlds of work. It is essential that children and young people today are motivated to address the challenges they face in life in a constructive and socially beneficial manner.


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